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Обучение игре на фортепиано или гитаре? Это ваше место. Пакеты сэмплов, пресеты для гитары, музыкальные курсы, ноты, минусовки и миди-пакеты. Мы вас прикрыли!

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From Beginner-to Intermediate 
In 1 hour!!


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Choose Your Sauce

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced there are wonders to discover.

You will have all the tools you need to speed up your learning process. And also enjoy the beauty of the musical moment you are in.

Each of these resources has been carefully crafted to cater to the needs of players at every stage. So that no matter your skill level you can play, progress, and ignite your true fire for music.

Have Fun Making Music YOU Love!

Professional video lesson library covering piano, guitar, and music gear. So you can unveil the music inside you and impress your family and friends with your crisp melodies.

Hundreds of lessons

Personal Feedback

Have questions about a lesson?
Receive step-by-step personal feedback to guide you through your piano journey. 

The Comunity

Learning in a community is the most effective way to amplify your results and supercharge your progress…
Stay engaged, motivated, and especially consistent.

About Me.

Welcome! My name is Zac Barnes. I love all things music and gear! I'm honored you took the time to stop by and visit!


I've been playing music my entire life, but I didn't get my start on piano until I was 19 years old and in college. I was fortunate to have a few amazing music mentors in my life that really helped me progress and develop as a musician.


This website is dedicated to passing on the knowledge and experience I gathered over these years, creating creating a place for like-minded musicians like YOURSELF to engage, learn, grow, and develop! 

I hope you enjoy your experience here and as always, Stay Saucy! 


1 / Can you learn to play online?

Yes, with the right resources, you can definitely learn piano online!

The Saucy Sounds website covers piano lessons for all skill levels. Each lesson has been carefully crafted to introduce, explain, and break down the different music concepts.

You’ll learn music theory, piano notes, scales, chords, hand independence, and more. Enjoy professionally-produced lesson videos, play-along tracks, and practice guidance.

All delivered by me, Zac Barnes.

2 /Are these online piano lessons for beginners?

Absolutely! My free ‘Online Masterclass’ is meticulously crafted with beginners in mind. I cover all the essential foundations to help you progress to an intermediate level. No prior experience is necessary!

By mastering these fundamentals, you'll find it much easier and enjoyable to grasp the other lessons and content available.


I even have dedicated courses called "Insta-Sauce" for those who don't know theory but still want to learn Saucy chords!

3 / Is learning to play piano hard?

The piano is actually one of the easiest instruments to play as a beginner. That makes it–hands down–the best instrument to begin learning music on.

Piano is also the easiest instrument for understanding music theory. Because scales and intervals are all laid out visually.

If you want to play another instrument, learn the piano first! Other instruments like guitar, trumpet, and clarinet, take weeks or even months to develop hand coordination or mouth formation.

4 / Can I contact you if I have any struggles or questions?

Of course, you can. If there's anything at all you're not sure about, anything we haven't made clear, or any concerns or questions...

Then please contact us at or head up to our contact page and we'll help you out.

in action.jpg

From Beginner-to Intermediate 
In 1 hour!!


Get access to The Free Masterclass!!!

Thanks for submitting!

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