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Sample Packs

     Bring the sauce to your productions. Everything from soul, piano loops, midi files, full blown orchestras....your productions will sound amazing with these in your arsenal! 

Here at Saucy Sounds we only know one thing....QUALITY! These sample packs are 100% original and produced with the utmost care and quality to provide you with maximum creativity and ease of use and expressions. In our sample packs you'll find Midi files, WAV files and Stems so there is an endless amount of content!

MidI Chord Packs & Sheet Music 

Spark your creativity and learning process with these amazing midi packs! 

If you love working with midi files than these midi chord packs are just for you! Plug into any DAW and instantly learn, transpose to any key and even rearrange to catapult your creativity and get rid of the difficult learning curve!

Make your life easier by using these midi chord packs to accelerate your learning and creativity.

Learn runs, songs and more with ease using sheet music! 

Saucy Sounds promotes all forms of learning, including the original....Sheet Music! Learn cool chord progressions, songs and more in your comfort zone! Start exploring available sheet music now!

Backing Tracks

Make practicing fun by jamming in style with these awesome backing tracks of various genres!