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JCM 800 "Freedom"

JCM 800 "Freedom"


Compatible with all Headrush Modelers (Pedalboard, Gigboard and MX5)


Vibe Like Tom Morello!!


This preset should get you close to the tone of Rage Against the Machine’s song Freedom. 


Includes a lead scene which triggers the TS808 OD, a delay and Flanger for a cool fx. (Just disable flanger if you don’t like it)


Use the graphic eq at the end of the chain to add/take away lows midi and highs without altering the tone of the amp.If you need clarity, take away low mids first than try boost high midi. If you need meat/fullness, try boosting low mids.


This preset uses the Celestion irs that come with the headrush (if you purchased new or from authorized dealer.) Make sure to have those downloaded or use your own IR of choice.

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