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Looking To Take Your Playing To The Next Level?

This incredible product is packed with features that are guaranteed to transform your playing, no matter your skill level.


For starters, "Gospel Chord Foundations Vol.1" includes midi files that allow you to play along with any instrument of your choosing, giving you the freedom to experiment and get creative with your music.


But that's not all – this product also teaches you how to play in all 12 musical keys, so you can master the full range of these gospel chord progressions and take your playing to new heights. Plus, "Gospel Chord Foundations Vol.1" comes with backing tracks that make it easy to practice and test yourself.

To make learning easier, This lesson pack  teaches basic and advanced versions, so you can challenge yourself and improve your skills at your own pace. I show my favorite passing chords!

 not to mention you can use the included midi files  in your DAW to create your own music, giving you the freedom to experiment and get creative with your playing.

One of the best features of "Gospel Chord Foundations Vol.1" is its chord guide, which shows you the exact notes that are being played. This allows you to fully understand each chord progression and get a feel for how it fits into the context of the music. Simply slow down and pause where ever you want so you can copy my notes exactly with ease!

Additionally, this product includes sheet music to help you follow along and stay organized as you learn.

And if that wasn't enough, "Gospel Chord Foundations Vol.1" comes in two different tempos – slow and fast – so you can choose the pace that works best for you and practice at your own speed.

 "Gospel Chord Foundations Vol.1" is an investment in your music career. You'll learn  and gain instant access to knowledge that took me years to obtain that will help you improve your skills and take your gospel piano playing to new heights quickly. Don't wait! download your copy today and start your journey to becoming a better gospel musician!

gcf chord guide.jpg

Chord Guide!

GCF Key of C_edited_edited.jpg

Sheet Music

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